Thursday, August 30, 2012

Corroborating Evidence

This morning we woke up early and peered into the frog cam, wondering hopefully if the heavily pixilated dark mass in the center of the tank could be eggs, but knowing full well that algae blooms quickly... By 8AM friends were calling and asking us for news, but we didn't have any yet. We wondered if we had started seeing things, so we reached out for an eyewitness inspection of the tank. A little while later we spotted some brown hair above the tank, followed by an email reporting: no eggs.

Medical counsel advised us to take a home pregnancy today in order to determine whether to discontinue hormone supplements that could be delaying menstruation and keeping us in suspense. Once we knew we'd have to do it, we ran over to a friend's house as fast as we could to find out. Sadly, after peeing on three sticks, we had to accept that Loretta had been right all along. It was shocking, somehow, after such a wonderful day of waiting, and it was hard to know that we now would have to share our disappointment with so many others who'd come along for this wild ride with us. But all things considered it was quite amazing to have shared this moment of hope with everyone who turned up and tuned in to this process. Now we're pinning our hopes on gilded pink frog...